Besser Hungária

Besser Hungária

Besser Hungária Muanyagipari Kft.

Founded in 1997, Besser Hungaria has today two production units with a covered surface of 14.000 SQM on a total area of 58.000 SQM.
Thanks to undisputed economic advantages of labor cost  and strategic geographical location, Besser Hungary offers a real opportunity to its Customers confirmed by the excellent results achieved.

With 20 years of experience, Besser Hungaria plays a leading rule for the high level of data digitization, for the lean production management system and for the eco sustainable policy.

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Besser Hungária Kft.

Thermoplastics injection moulding

Hungary Bátonyterenye (HU), 3070 Bolyóki út. 8