Innovative solutions for healthier lives

At OMS Besser Group we work to make the world better and more sustainable through innovation and our way of working.

Sustainability statement sets the standards and behaviors that we require internally and all along our supply chain; decisions must be evaluated in terms of environmental, social, and human impact for the long-term and to be always in compliance with the related laws, rules and regulations. This statement is based on EICC code. We strive to:

  • guarantee safe and clean working conditions for our people
  • reduce overall emissions in our processess by lowering energy consumption
  • train our people with the right sensitivity for the respect for the enviroment with lowest possible carbon footprint
  • work in close cooperation with our Customers towards recycled materials and zero-waste packaging

OMS Besser Group is committed to delivering innovative solutions and products for safer and healthier lives by continuously improving the environmental and human impact.