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OMS Research & Development

Innovation is the driving force behind every technologically advanced industry, but for our Group plays a leading role because strongly connected to quality and reliability. A value that means research and engineering of innovation: OMS Research & Development center is where our passion comes alive.

Thanks to continuous investments during the years, today our R&D team represents a true source of innovative ideas and solutions implemented in materials, molds,  processes and products. In this context, innovation is seen not only as a key driver for growth but also as a core competence allowing us to perform succesfull partnerships with our customers and win market challenges.

Our approach is to follow a new product from the idea to the industrialization, from process definition and mold manufacturing to mass production, in close cooperation with our Customer: we strongly believe that real added value is generated from early involvement and codesign.

Thanks to advanced simulation system and moldflow analysis we provide a concrete support in product engineering and industrialization and with the latest technologies in our Rapid Prototyping  department we are able to carry out functional samples. Our experience and innovation then drive to improve the overall quality of the part, increase the process repeatability and reduce the scraps.

Our added value


Create more opportunities for our customers… and for ourselves


Digitize for our customers, for efficiency and simplicity


Surprise our customers with innovation, to make their lives simpler and better


Our customers get great service because great people work at OMS BESSER


Simplifying our work makes the difference to customers

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